My Employer is Trying to Settle. Do I Still Need an Attorney?

Sexual harassment and discrimination that occurs in the workplace can be extremely difficult to accept and deal with. On the federal level, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, otherwise known as the EEOC, often files claims on behalf of victimized workers. Many employers try to settle these claims because settlements are often advantageous to them. However, that settlement may or may not fully compensate you for everything that you went through during and after the incident of sexual harassment or discrimination. Consequently, even if your employer is trying to settle, it is still important that you have an experienced California sexual harassment attorney by your side every step of the way. 

A lawyer can assist you with negotiating a favorable settlement that fully and fairly compensates you. In addition, your lawyer can help you decide whether you should accept a particular settlement offer or litigate the case in court.

Reasons Why Your Employer Might Want to Settle Quickly

There are several reasons why your employer might want to settle your sexual harassment or discrimination case quickly. For starters, settling a sexual harassment claim is often very helpful to the employer. By settling the claim, an employer can typically save itself a significant amount of money in potential litigation costs and possible exposure. In addition, your employer will likely try to see if you will accept a small amount of money to finalize your claim. In other words, your employer is not going to want to pay out any more than it absolutely must under the circumstances.

Potential Compensation in a Workplace Harassment or Discrimination Claim

By having an experienced attorney on your side in a workplace harassment or discrimination claim, you increase the chances that you will receive the compensation that you truly deserve. There are several types of compensation you might be eligible to recover as part of your discrimination/harassment claim or lawsuit. Specifically, you might be able to recover back pay, including bonuses, tips, commissions, lost wages, sick pay, and vacation pay that you may have been eligible to receive. In addition, you might be eligible to recover front pay if you had to quit your job – or if you lost your job – due to sexual discrimination or harassment. The purpose of front pay is to compensate you for potential future wage losses.

In addition to these monetary damages, you may also be eligible to recover punitive damages if you can demonstrate that your employer acted in a particularly egregious manner under the circumstances. You could also receive compensation for all of the emotional distress, pain, and suffering that you had to experience as a result of the instance of sexual discrimination or harassment at your workplace. An experienced California sexual harassment lawyer can assist you with attempting to settle your case favorably. If the case is not settled, your attorney can assist you throughout the litigation process and help you to pursue the most compensation available under your circumstances.

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