Is it Hard to Prove Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Proving sexual harassment in the workplace is oftentimes an uphill battle. This is because, in some instances, only two individuals are present when the incident of harassment occurs: the harasser and the victim. Therefore, it may be one person’s word against another. However, despite the potential for these challenges, it is important that you take action as soon as possible after the incident of harassment occurs. If you do not take action, the harassment could become more serious, and you may begin to feel unsafe or threatened in your workplace. 

There are certain steps that you can take to prove that an incident of workplace sexual harassment occurred. In addition to taking these steps, it is important that you speak with a knowledgeable California sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer can explain all of your legal options to you and help you take the necessary actions against the harasser and, if necessary, your employer.

Keep Good Notes Regarding the Harassment 

If you are a victim of sexual harassment that occurs in the workplace, it is extremely important that you keep good notes and a complete record of every incident of harassment. These notes may become a good refresher later on if the sexual harassment case has to go to court. Moreover, if the harasser sent you a text, email, or other written communication of a sexual nature, it is important that you keep these communications and never delete them. Again, they could become important pieces of evidence if your case has to go forward. If the harasser sends you messages through electronic means, you should keep a printed copy of them – in the event something happens to your cell phone or tablet. 

Report the Harassment as Soon as Possible

When it comes to proving a sexual harassment case, another important step in the process is to report the incident to the necessary authorities at your workplace as soon as possible. In many instances, this means reporting the incident of harassment to human resources or another contact person. In addition, you might be able to call a tip line and report the sexual harassment incident anonymously.

After you report the harassment incident, you should keep tabs on the situation, make sure that the harassment stops, and that the company takes appropriate action. If the company does not take action against the harasser, you might need to seek outside help. This may mean that you need to report the harassment incident to the authorities or that you take direct legal action against the company or the harasser. This legal action could include filing a lawsuit against the company or the harasser and seeking the damages that you deserve.

A knowledgeable California sexual harassment lawyer near you and help you take the appropriate legal actions to get the harassment to stop, represent you at all legal proceedings, and help you prove all of the necessary legal elements of your sexual harassment claim.

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